What Equipments We Use!!

Nikon Z6 with 35mm sigma Art lens
Nikon Z6 with 35mm sigma art lens

We know that in order to capture the photographs of yours and your events, we have to have a technically advanced camera and lens. We do not compromise with the quality of our work and are currently using Nikon Z6 with a 35mm sigma art lens. Sigma art lenses are being regarded as fast-aperture lenses that have the ability to produce unbelievable images. Nikon Z6 with 35mm sigma art lens is one of the most exclusive cameras in this era of advanced technology. Our professionals know how to use this technically advanced camera and how to capture the best pictures with it. So, you can hire Starburst India without taking any tension regarding the quality of our photographs.

Nikon Z6 with 35mm sigma Art lens
80d with 50 mm and 85 mm prime and 10-18 mm wide lens

The most important item that you have to have in order to capture quality images is a good camera. We are well aware of this matter and use 80d with 50 mm and 85 mm prime and 10-18 mm wide lens to capture the best quality pictures. We use our technically advanced cameras by considering the requirement of an event and the required quality of photographs. Our professionals are well aware of the process of using any kind of technically advanced camera. However, in this regard, it is important to state that as we use highly advanced cameras, there is no need to think that we require a huge amount as our service charge. Starburst provides their service at a reasonable rate that would definitely suit your affordability.

Nikon Z6 with 35mm sigma Art lens
Godox TTL flash with softbox

We have all pieces of equipment that are required to make a photography session successful. Yes, we have Godox TTL flash with a softbox too in our equipment kit. Having adequate equipment is the main reason that provides us with the confidence of being the best. Not only do we have these pieces of equipment, but we also have the quality to capture the best pictures with these pieces of equipment. Hire us to check our level of efficiency. It is for sure that you would not be unsatisfied with our service. Professionals of Starburst would provide their best effort to make their customers happy. You can check our portfolio. Hopefully, it would help you to understand our level of efficiency and the quality of our equipment.

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